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The Cost Award Accelerator Solution

Fee Solutions provide an advance of monies to law Firms valued as a percentage of their costs awarded upon case settlement.

This facility applies to cases of Industrial Disease, Personal Injury or Clinical Negligence.

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Benefits of the Cost Award Accelerator

• Immediate Cash Flow Improvement
• Facility can grow with the growth of the Practice
• Ease of Application along with fast settlement of funds to the Firm
• No payments made out of the Firms office bank account
• No set up Fees payable upon successful application
• No Administration Fees payable upon individual drawdowns
• No Monthly Interest / Capital repayments payable by the Firm

What else do we bring to the table

What else do we bring to the table?

We have been established for 20 years as finance providers solely for business clients both large and small and we have an extensive range of finance options to bring to the table. We provide finance for most assets a business is looking to acquire including: Plant, machinery, office furniture, telephone systems, vehicles – just about anything you could think about. We also have some excellent cash-release facilities available including sale & leaseback of existing assets and invoice finance.